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DJ Services

DJ Services

To some a DJ is simply the person who plays the music at an event, but to us a DJ is much more.  A DJ is the person who is responsible for the heartbeat of your event.  The difference between the right and wrong DJ is the difference between just another evening and the night of your life.  At RMF we value the skill and artistry of the DJ and take the time and effort to make sure we provide the best DJ for your event to take your event from ordinary to the night people will be talking about of for weeks to come.

Audio Partners


They say a picture is worth a thousand words but allow RMF to leave you speechless. With our breathtaking photography we allow you to relive your experience moment by moment, frame by frame.  We partner with some of the most elite photographers here in Connecticut.  No event or occasion is too big or small of a task for our team.

Playboi Carti31
Playboi Carti34
Playboi Carti2


There's something to be said about the quality of the perfect video.  Videos bring out a multitude of emotions and illicit strong feelings.  Videos grab your attention and never let it go.  Videos are the ideal way to capture a moment and make it truly last forever.  What our team provides is the perfect videographer for every moment in your life to make sure that all eyes are on you.

Playboi Carti @ The Dome
Respect The Shooter

Playboi Carti @ The Dome

Event Booking

In addition to the other services we provide RMF can also help you with finding the perfect venue for your next event.  we can assist in finding venues for events of all types.  In addition we also we can also connect our clients to caterers, event host, comedians, event planners, and security guards.  RMF is the one stop shop for anything your next event may need.

Event Booking

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